Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The cafeteria downstairs switched salad dressings sometime recently. It bothers me that I notice this, because it means I'm eating in the cafeteria too often. In a way, it's nice to have a cafeteria in the building, because there certainly are days when I'm too busy to go out and find some food, and I'm not organized enough to pack a lunch for myself every day, although I probably should. But in a way, it would be nice to be forced to leave the building, even if just for a few minutes to pick something up from a street vendor or a sandwich shop. Although when I was interviewing with firms, a long time ago, I remember one firm that was on the same block as a McDonalds, and I interviewed around lunchtime, and every lawyer I met was either eating McDonalds during the interview, or I could see the wrappers in his trash can. It was one of the reasons I didn't pick the firm, actually - and this was before everyone hated McDonalds. I didn't want to work somewhere where everyone ate McDonalds for lunch. But is it really any better to work somewhere where everyone goes downstairs, picks through the salad bar, and ends up with a greasy slice of institutional pizza for lunch four days out of the week? It's easy to get complacent at a place like this, and forget that there's life outside these four walls, although my one wall with the ocean view is pretty impressive... and that other wall with the painting I borrowed from the art gallery the firm has an agreement with... and the other wall with all of the impressive-looking law books... maybe it's not so bad to be within these four walls after all.

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