Friday, March 26, 2004

The copy code for non-billable photocopies is 2479. I'm sharing that with you because it makes me mad that we have to punch in a code every time we need to photocopy something. And, yes, sometimes I actually go photocopy things myself instead of giving them to my assistant, because it's faster, or sometimes I wantit a certain way and it's just easier to do it myself. 2479. There's a whole sheet with all the codes, for each client. They used to tape it up on the wall near the copy machine, but it's gone, and so now every time I have to photocopy something for a client, I have to go searching for the sheet. Or ask my assistant. Or just punch in 2479, and we don't bill those three photocopies. We bill enough. It's not breaking the firm. I could probably just add it back elsewhere. Three photocopies = 15 cents = another 3 seconds of billable time, or whatever it works out to. Five cents a second would only be $180/hour. We cost a lot more than that. 15 cents = less than one second of billable time. Interesting. I think we can afford to eat the cost of the copies.

Last night, for the first time, I saw "The Apprentice." Not live -- we TiVo'd it, and I watched it when I got home. I hadn't seen it before. All the contestants seemed like idiots. They wouldn't get through a first round interview here or anywhere else. Especially at that boardroom part at the end. They couldn't hold their own there, they won't hold their own in a client meeting or in a courtroom. Pathetic. Just having seen the one episode, I predict Bill the cigar salesman will win. He seemed reasonably intelligent, compared to the rest of them. Although if I knew the name of his company I'd look into suing them, because his cigars are probably giving people lung cancer and he should be put out of business. And, no, this is not a plaintiff's firm. But I support what they're doing. The more businesses they sue, the more businesses who need lawyers and come to us. And that's what the legal system is all about.

I hate Fridays. Everyone else in the world loves Fridays because it means the weekend is here. I hate Fridays because it means another weekend when I should be home but instead I'll either be at work, thinking about work, or wondering if I should be at work. Saturday at least. Sunday I don't work. Well, 80% of the time. Sunday is help my family spend my paycheck day. Anyone want a pony?

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