Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I think one of my colleagues had some work done. Botox or something like that. He wasn't here yesterday, and then he came in very late today all red-faced. I don't know if botox makes someone red-faced or what. He looks somehow younger, and less haggard than he looked on Monday when he stayed until midnight calculating possible penalties for SEC violations. Maybe he just stayed in all day and slept, or had an allergic reaction to one of the new salad dressings in the cafeteria. Or maybe he's becoming just another Californian, who goes in for plastic surgery every few months like it's a dental appointment. I'm not originally from California, but I've been here since after law school. I wasn't going to reveal what state I'm in, but I realized I'd already given it away by mentioning the ocean view, the golf weather, and the Six Flags my family went to last weekend. But it's a big state. I'm sure I can still be anonymous for another week or so.

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