Tuesday, April 27, 2004

"[Anonymous Lawyer],

I'm a 2L at [law school] who you may remember from the interviewing process this fall. I'll be coming to work at [the name of this firm] this summer, starting in just a few weeks. I was writing to request that I be assigned to spend part of the summer working under you. I very much enjoyed meeting you this fall, and feel like I would get a lot out of working for you, given my interest in [something] and also in [something else]. I think you'll find that I'm a hard worker, and a quick learner. I'm definitely eager to get some experience this summer and be on my way to a legal career. I hope this e-mail isn't inappropriate. The career services counselor here told us that we should be proactive with our careers and seek out mentors who we identify as potentially valuable people to get to know. So I wanted to start my summer off on the right foot, and I knew if I didn't take some steps to ensure a positive summer experience, I would run the risk of getting lost in the cracks and not getting a chance to work with partners like you. I would be happy to spend some time before I arrive at the firm doing research or other projects that would get me up to speed and enable me to make the most contribution I can. If there's anything you think I should read before arriving at the firm, please let me know and I'd be delighted to write up a short memo if you'd like. Once again, I'm so excited to be working for [the name of this firm] this summer, and especially getting the chance to work with a well-regarded practitioner like you. I hope you're excited to have me.

See you soon,
[Law Student]"

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