Thursday, April 29, 2004

My assistant brought in a poem today that her youngest wrote about her job, and me. She wanted to share it. He's eight years old.

Mom goes into the office each day
She works at a desk and does not play
Her boss is a lawyer who wears a tie
He seems like he's an important guy
Sometimes Mom isn't home until late
We should eat dinner but we usually wait
She comes home and says her boss was making her work
I think her boss is a jerk
I showed the poem to one of my friends down the hall. He said if his assistant gave him a poem like that, he'd fire her. I told my assistant what he said. She said if she worked for him, the poem would be a lot worse. Apparently he loses an assistant once a year or so. He's "one of the difficult ones," my assistant says. I asked her what I was. "One of the annoying ones," she said. "But at least you're someone I could actually see myself having a conversation with outside the office." I invited her and her family over for dinner tomorrow night. She thought that sounded nice. She's only been here a few months, so I really haven't gotten to know her well yet. My old assistant quit to go to law school. I suppose that reflects well on the firm.

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