Saturday, April 03, 2004

You miss a day and a half, and your reward is that you get to come in on Saturday morning. I've got an e-mail from a young associate in my inbox. She wants to know how she can get involved in the recruiting process. This happens every so often. There are two explanations. (1) She's drowning in paperwork, and can't imagine her life ever getting any worse. So she figures that at least she get on my e-mail list and occasionally get a free lunch, or a recruiting trip -- anything to get out of the office and escape the paperwork. Or (2) She's trying to suck up, and some idiot told her that if you show an interest in recruiting, when your time comes for partnership consideration, that's a plus. I don't know where anyone would have gotten that idea. Maybe from their "life coach," or "career advisor," or the other pseudo-therapists that it's becoming all-too-trendy to throw disposable income at so that you have someone to "talk to" for an hour a week who isn't in a position to either fire you or divorce you. Pathetic. They should be talking to their clients instead. At least that way it's billable.

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