Thursday, May 13, 2004

Busy day. Client meeting, motion for summary judgment to write, Indian takeout to order. So many choices. Do I want Chicken Korma? Lamb Saagwala? Tandoori? A big crepe filled with potatoes? Indian food is one of my favorites. The problem here is that a good number of partners and associates are so unadventurous with their food. Constantly asking to order "American" food. When there's so much other delicious food out there. Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, South American, Italian, Middle Eastern.... "We had Thai last week." So what? It's good! It's better than the freaking Cheesecake Factory twice a week. Yes, their menu is big. But it's just not that interesting.

Anyway, there's a weblog I occasionally read that had an "all-request day" a few days ago where she took questions from readers and promised answers. I have to be in the office on Saturday morning waiting for a looks-to-be-long conference call with a client -- long story, not fun -- and I predict I'll need something to occupy the dead time in between the parts where I actually have something to say. So if anyone wants to e-mail me any questions before then (ADDED LATER: or post to this new comment thing below), I'll see what I can do. Might keep me awake through the soothing tones of a 72-year-old CEO whose board of directors needs to boot him out before he really collapses the company. He doesn't "do" e-mail. It's a blast.

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