Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Golfed in the morning today instead of in the afternoon. At the request of the associate I asked to join me this week. He had a meeting this afternoon he had to get to. So I accommodated. Makes life interesting. I told him not to tell his fellow associates he went golfing with me. They'd get jealous. It's not every day I invite an associate golfing. I made sure to mention this invitation had no special meaning -- that is, it's not some secret sign he's on the partner track or anything like that. I mean, maybe he is, maybe he isn't, but my golf invitation was just because he's a friendly guy and does good conversation in the office so I figured I'd try him outside the office. If he plays his cards right he can end up with a reasonably in-demand mentor out of this. Not to be immodest -- it's just that not that many partners here really take any affirmative steps to mentor the up-and-coming associates. Most of them go through the motions -- take their assigned mentee to lunch every so often, drop by for the occasional chat -- but their hearts aren't in it and they treat it like they treat pro bono work: gotta do some, but not too much, and don't have to like it. But I think it's actually pretty rewarding to take the occasional associate under my wing, give them a leg up if I can, make a new friend, get him to care enough about me that he gives me his best work, and then ride him until he becomes a partner and leaves for a general counsel position at a movie studio.

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