Monday, May 10, 2004

Hope your weekend was better than mine. The parents-in-law reacted with horror when I intimated that eventually I may find a way out of this law gig. "But what about the lifestyle our daughter has become accustomed to?" Screw you. There's enough in the bank to cover it anyway.

One more week until the new kids show up for the summer. Well, most of them. One of them sent an e-mail to recruiting today that got forwarded over to me: "Due to a family emergency, I need to start one week later than originally planned. I hope this meets with your approval and the approval of the firm. I feel apologetic for any problem this situation may be causing with you." I checked the files to see if English was this kid's first language, because the e-mail didn't sound like it. The one thing I expect law students to be able to do is write decent e-mail, and this kid can't even do that. Take the week, I don't care -- we save $2500 -- but don't send me an inarticulate e-mail. Like the morons who send sloppy thank-you notes after interviews, with the firm's name spelled wrong. Stupid. Lawyers don't have to be brilliant but they do have to be careful. We live and die with technicalities. Give me a break. You're 24 years old. Read over your message before you send it.

The recruiting staff just gave me a copy of the summer agenda for me to sign off on before they set it in stone. I nixed one activity on their list -- Paintball. I decided that opening ourselves up to tort liability is probably not the way to go. Paintball. Ridiculous. We're replacing it with golf. Of course we are. I love golf. Also, I asked them to add another Dodgers game. This is the part of the job I like. Forcing law students to do things I think are fun. Maybe I can send them all antiquing with the in-laws.

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