Thursday, May 06, 2004

I had breakfast this morning with an old friend who now does venture capital work for an investment bank. We talked about last night's episode of "American Idol," which neither of us saw because we were working, but both of our wives are big fans and so they have us rooting for people. I apparently want Latoya to win. He apparently wants Fantasia to win. Neither of us have ever heard these people sing, or have any idea what they look like, except that he thinks Fantasia sounds like a stage name. He was interested in whether Anonymous Son likes his Tae Kwon Do class, because his son keeps getting picked on at private school, and my friend thinks it would do his son some good to learn self-defense. I said I think that's a terrible reason to take tae kwon do, since, at least from what I've seen, if I saw a kid going around wearing a funny white robe and making grunting sounds while he kicked through paper-thin boards of plywood, it would be more reason to pick on them, not less. I said he should buy his son a switchblade instead, and I would get someone at the firm to defend him in case anything happened. Or I can just write up a cease-and-desist order for the kid to hand out to the bullies at school.

Anonymous Parents-In-Law are coming to visit tomorrow for a week. They're not as bad as you might expect. Ever since I figured out the best way to get them to like me is to buy them expensive things, it's been pretty easy. On the way home from work tonight I'm picking up a new microwave we'll give them and then ship to West Palm Beach so it's there when they get back. Last year it was TiVo. Anonymous Father-In-Law also likes that I keep an extra set of golf clubs in the house so when he visits it's easy to get a few rounds in. I'm better than him, but I let him win. We're going to drive up the coast this weekend and go antique shopping. Maybe I'll have to work and they can go without me... wouldn't that be a shame.

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