Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I received an e-mail from a reader that said, in part, "From reading your blog, you don't seem to like anyone or anything." Perhaps that's true. Perhaps years of this work have turned me into someone unable to find any joy in life. So, to prove I'm not completely heartless, I thought I would try and make a list of the people and things I like. Here goes.

1. Golf on Wednesdays
2. Knowing that I have financial security for the rest of my life
3. Anonymous Wife and Kids
4. Anonymous Mother-in-Law
5. Feeling smarter than my clients
6. My Rolex watch
7. My BMW
8. The Dodgers, when they're winning
9. The view of the ocean out my office window
10. Sushi
11. The smell of freshly-cut grass
12. The associate I'm having an affair with
13. My cup of coffee in the morning
14. Anonymous Son's laughter
15. Botox
16. That I am living nothing less than the American Dream
17. The four hours of pro bono work I did last month
18. Tax refunds
19. My down pillows
20. Robert Redford movies
21. Porn on the Internet
22. Unpasteurized cheese
23. Towel racks that keep the towels warm
24. Paralegal #3
25. How good I look in a freshly-pressed dress shirt

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