Monday, June 28, 2004

"The duplication center is currently experiencing increased demand. Waiting time for projects will be approximately 4-6 hours longer than usual. Please avoid sending unnecessary requests to the center, to allow critical projects to be completed as quickly as possible. As much as possible, use the duplicating machines located on each floor to do your own duplication. Please do not send personal work to the center for duplication. This is especially critical at times of increased demand. We expect the increased demand will slow down by this Thursday. Please save all non-urgent duplication jobs until then. A printed copy of this e-mail will be placed in everyone's mailbox. Thank you."

No comment.

I adore intraoffice memos.
Maybe (and this is a pretty radical idea) if they didn't bother putting a printed copy of the email in everyone's mailbox the printing center might not be log-jammed.
Yes, I believe that was AL's point.
Where I work, we once were given a written memo about wasting toilet paper and towels. Of course, the towel dispenser is one of those crappy things where you claw and claw to get out one towel and 20 come out and you are so frustrated, you just dry your hands and throw the whole mess away. Toilet paper - I don't get - maybe someone was stealing it? If they had to do that - I say let them - they must be hard up for money.
Maybe its not a money thing; maybe an associate just doens't have time to buy toilet paper...
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