Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I'm preparing for a "halftime" meeting the summer program committee is having this afternoon to discuss what's gone right, what's gone wrong, and things we can do better for the rest of the summer, or things we should change for next year. What frustrates me about the summer program is the unwillingness to think outside the box -- not that this is something lawyers are good at generally. We approach it with a fear of our competitor firms instead of wanting to somehow distinguish ourselves and go outside of the traditional mold. We're all relatively interchangeable -- even if in fact we're not, at least to the law students who apply, we are. We all offer high-level work in a set of similar practice areas, working with similar clients. The business models may differ a bit -- more horizontal or more vertical structure, more versus less individual attorney specialization versus general practice -- but there aren't things that summer associates look at, or have the experience to be able to evaluate anyway. And our summer programs all look exactly the same -- a little bit of low-level legal work, an attempt to help them understand the business, meet the people, get a sense of the culture and lifestyle, lots of good food, lots of fun events, a lot more like summer camp than a job, and the same salary. I believe it is very close to a crapshoot that determines which students we end up with and which ones the firms down the street get. To a small degree it's whether we send out good people who click with the right students. To perhaps a marginally greater degree it's how big our presence on campus is, what the buzz from recent graduates is, what kind of events we hold to get our name out there... but there's really nothing we legitimately can tell students that makes them see that a summer here is substantially different from a summer anywhere else. And because of this, we end up with the same pool of students as our competitor firms, we all have to be about as selective if we want classes of about the same size, and the students make choices, and we get a class interchangeable with the classes down the street.

I want to change this. I want us to have a better class. Not a better class of summers, necessarily -- the summers, during the summer, are a loss to us. The work they provide is marginal; the cost is huge. But I want a better first year class of incoming associates. One way we could do this is change the culture where pretty much everyone comes in and, as a default, will get an offer at the end of the summer to come back. There are definitely people, at the end of the summer, who I'd rather not give an offer to -- not because they're incompetent or evil, but just because I'd rather they work somewhere else, don't feel like they're a great fit here, don't think it's going to work out. But if we did that, no one would come here for the summer -- they would go to our competitors, because no one wants to finish the summer without an offer. It's really hard to go back and reinterview as a 3L without an offer and get a job; you're damaged goods. We rarely look at anyone like that. None of our competitors do much either. So we'd lose a lot of potentially great lawyers, afraid of the risk of not getting an offer. Because lawyers are risk-averse generally anyway, even if they have no good reason to be and would come through the summer with flying colors. So we can't do that.

What frustrates me is that I want our firm to be in a position to be more selective than our competitors and really get to pick and choose our new associates. But right now we're just one of many, and the work we do, while we think it's among the best in our peer group, there's no compelling way to prove that or communicate it, or make it something attractive to law students. But I've come with some radical thoughts for how we could change the whole program to draw the best students to us. Here's my reasoning:

1. The summer associate program costs a lot of money and we get very little in return as far as usable work product, especially compared to the cost.

2. Summer associates consistently tell us that they like our summer program, and that it gives them a good sense of what life is like at the firm -- but that by 2 or 3 weeks in, they understand it. If the goal is to give them a taste, a few weeks may be enough.

3. So my proposal: we cut the summer program down from 10-13 weeks to 4 weeks -- and make those 4 weeks perhaps slightly more intense, with an eye toward showing summers everything they see in 13 weeks, but over a compressed period -- making projects shorter, rotations shorter, more compressed schedule of events, etc. But -- and here's the kicker -- we pay them for perhaps a 10-week summer. Because salary, while it's a huge cost of the program, isn't the only cost -- and we'd save weeks of lunches, events, transportation -- and the man-hours of trying to find assignments for the summers and deal with their presence here. With a few caveats -- if a summer really wants to stay longer, and in the 4 weeks here finds a project he/she can be useful on and the lawyers want him/her to stay, that can be done -- no expectation of it, and no pressure. And -- they sign a contract that prohibits them from spending the rest of the summer at another firm. That wouldn't be fair. But let them spend the other weeks doing whatever they want -- on vacation, writing a book, anything that they won't get a chance to do once they start their lives as lawyers. We don't lose anything by letting them do this -- the amount they gain by being here is not tremendous beyond those four weeks. And this way we're really offering quite a benefit over the other programs -- 6 paid weeks of freedom. We'd get more applicants -- better applicants -- and get to be more selective in our hiring, benefitting the firm in the long run to, I believe, significant extent. I realize this is a radical plan, and there'd probably be some backlash in the media -- paying law students not to work? -- but I don't think it's as silly as it sounds.

Where I live, summer associate programs are 6 weeks long and, from what I understand, are not nearly as kick-ass entertaining as some places try to make it (Nascar races, daily happy hours, etc.). The summers are there to learn/do as much as possible in 6 weeks. Then they're free to do whatever (which, if they're lucky enough, is working at another firm for 6 weeks) they want. Most don't work for two firms because all the "good" ones will only offer Summer I so you still have to choose between the ones you really want. Even so, I think this is a better model than the long summer model because there's less wasted time and expense. And probably less grief because most summers can probably act passably normal for at least 5 weeks. By the 6th they're about to crack. By Week 10 or so I don't know how you put up with it.
This plan is very interesting. I can definatley see an increase in the number of applications for summer work from a change like this; however, the plan may not achieve the goal motivating its design.

Having more students apply so you can be more selective is a good thing, but if the pool of students grows with mediocre candidates then nothing is really gained (save the increase in efficiency for not having to babysit the summers for those additional 6 weeks).

Think about the type of students that will be attracted by a plan like this? Students that want to get payed for not working. Thats the real incentive here, the fast paced introduction to the firm will be lost on summer applicants all they will see is 6 paid weeks of vacation.

Now you will be able to be selective and take the best candidates from this pool but then all you wind up with is the more effective slackers. The ones that know how to do just enough work to attain their goals while maximizing time for their other endevors.

I think the idea is radical but very interesting, and depending on how rigorous your selection process is the firm might benefit from such a change in more ways then the increased efficiency through the summer.
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anybody know what the post that got removed was about?
This is a well thought-out, inventive plan that will never work. The problem is not that you'd pay law students not to work -- let's be honest, are you getting worthwhile work out of them now? Clearly not; and there's not a huge difference between a summer's "lifestyle" workload and a vacation. (Certainly, not in terms of benefit to the firm.)

The problem is that no conscientious law student will ever actually take vacation. Precisely the same risk adverse tendencies that would keep star students away from a firm that didn't make offers to a substantial majority of its summers would drive quality students to ensure they stayed through the summer, by hook or by crook. Ultimately, the students' drive to ensure they had work the last 6 weeks would cancel out the benefit of the vacation -- it would be an illusory benefit because anyone who didn't get work for the last 6 weeks would have an aura of "damaged goods" similar to a 3L without an offer.

Lawyers and law students will subvert techniques that would let firms be more more selective because of the risk that they are selected out -- and consequently branded as a loser for other firms -- is too great. In some sense, prestige law firms are victims of their own selectiveness (this is really a collective action problem, too).
Interesting idea. It certainly is time/resource/patience-consuming to have interns around. The first thing I thought of when I read your proposal was that students could be free to go work at some pro bono endeavor like Legal Aid. In fact, some firms make this a structured part of special summer programs--half the summer with the firm, half at an approved non-profit organization. You'd get great PR out of that.

Unfortunately, you'd probably also get even more people who "really" want to do public interest work but are just "trying out" biglaw for the summer. (These people are either merely trying to reduce their student loan debt--can't blame 'em--or trying to justify for whatever reason their decision to become a corporate lawyer.) And you'd have to convince quality candidates that they'd get just as much out of 4 weeks as 10-12 weeks, in terms of contact with associates/partners, assignments, etc.

I guess I agree with the post that questions how this is going to get you an above-the-normal-run incoming associate class. Now if you were talking about paying them a whole year's salary for working half a year....!
This blog is brilliant if true, and more brilliant if not.
I wonder more about your selection process. Someone posted a comment here asking why you do not give some students with 'average grades' a change when they are willing to 'work and bust their butt.' The response was 'because you bust your butt for only average grades.' Something to think about for students who read this blog. However, one of the most effective attorneys I know did well in law school, but did not come from a Tier 1 school. Do you keep any kind of records that would correlate prestige of school, grades, law review, etc., with actual summer experiences and how those associates turn out 2-5 years down the line? That might be something to think about -- see if you can identify what makes the good ones good, and try to fish in that pond. Or stop fishing in the ones that give you the slackers (whether that turn out to be the school attended or certain personal characteristics). It seems foolish to offer positions to people you would rather not hire. Do you really think that no one decent would want to work for you if you raised the bar?
To get the best associates, why don't you just pay your associates 10K more than everyone else? Works for Wachtell.
Assuming the resumes coming in follow somekind of normal distribution in terms of goodness, getting more resumes means getting more good resumes.
When you pay more, all the best people will want to join your firm. When you pay the same as everyone else, you have no advantage, and the best people get spread out among the other comparable firms, and have no incentive to join your firm over others'.
It sounds like you're trying to reduce the costs of your summer program, in terms of both money and time wasted explaining things to summer associates. Why not distinguish yourselves by putting the summer associates to work instead of giving them an endless string of parties and free lunches? They could spend the first week or two in a training course set up by the firm. The money saved by eliminating some of the social events could pay for the course. For the rest of the summer, the summer associates could do actual work, which they would be better qualified for after the training. You might get a better class of associates this way -- people who want to experience what life in a law firm is really like, not just people who want to make a lot of money and slack off for the summer.
I'm a summer associate at a Vault top 10ish firm that does pretty much what one of the above commentors suggests -- puts us to actual work. We have social events, but none of the absurd things I've heard from other firms.

I spent much of today pondering your proposed system. I think in many ways it's a great idea, but it has one major flaw that would probably prevent me from accepting such an offer, and the couple of people I discussed it with said the same thing. We don't really know yet what kinds of things we want to do when we practice. To us, the value in the ten or more weeks at a firm (in my case 13) is experiencing a variety of practice areas. I want to learn what is involved in practicing in each area, what the people in that practice are like, and what areas I would be happiest in. I might not be able to do that in 13 weeks, but I can do a hell of a lot better in 13 than in 4.
You could always be your own online version of Donald Trump. Post your particular requirements, lay out strict guidelines for content, dates, etc - and pull a few resumes with supporting 'why I would be different than all the summers you post about' form your readership and award the winner (should there even be one) an interview slot with next summer's group. Be picky. Toss out anyone who sends before/after your cutoff dates - look for exactly the kind of candidate you want your firm to recruit - and if they measure up, and they make it past the interview, compare their performance to the usual batch. If they do well, perhaps you could nudge your firm into incorporating some of those requirements in the future.
I'm a 2L now halfway (7 of 14 weeks) through my summer at a Vault Top 10 NYC firm. Your summer model sounds interesting, but I think you might have to pay for more than 10 weeks to make it really enticing. If I had taken such an offer, I'd be leaving $10K on the table compared to what I'll make this summer.

My attitude going into the summer was that, if a firm is stupid enough to pay me $2500/week and give me lots of free meals for work they can't or won't bill out, then by all means I should work as many weeks as possible. I started working right after exams and am not returning until the last possible moment before the school year starts again. I'll take my vacations during my 3L year once I (hopefully) get a clerkship. Similarly, most of my classmates are working as many weeks as their firms will allow. So I think that you are slightly underestimating the pecuniary motivations here.

Lest I sound too cynical, I have been pleasantly surprised with the substance of my summer experience. I have been working exclusively for two litigation partners who are great lawyers and have taught me much. And although I have no idea how much of my work they have actually billed the client for, I've never gotten the feeling that I am doing work that has been contrived just to keep me busy - everything I have done has visibly contributed to our court filings, letters to the client, depositions, etc.

That leads me to my other piece of unsolicited advice - especially for people like me who had real jobs before law school, we are not really looking for a summer camp; I chose my summer firm specifically because I felt that they would treat me like an adult, and I avoided firms when I heard 3L's who had summered there rave about how little they worked and how many four-hour lunches they took. And even though I've worked more late nights and weekends than my law school classmates at other firms, it's been worth it.
Howrey Simon tried something like this. No idea if it worked. See
I am surprised that nobody mention it, but the biggest reason your idea won't work is that it might just work.

Supposing you DO actually attract better associates with this program. How long do you suppose it will take for other firms to copy it? Eventually, the playing field would be level.

This is exactly the same reason why associate salaries are completely silly... Well, that is not quite the only reason... Idiot law students thinking that 15 or 25k at firm X is worth the extra 1000 hours a year is another reason.
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