Monday, July 05, 2004

Apparently everyone else goes on vacation this weekend too. Crowds in the airport, traffic ever since we landed. And a lot more e-mails from the office than I really feel like answering. Including this e-mail to the summer associates that I was CC'd on:

"Monday is a firm holiday, but do not feel discouraged from coming to the office if there are any projects you are working on where you feel you need to spend time here on Monday. There will more than likely be lots of associates around, in and out throughout the day. So you should feel welcomed to come in and work if you need to. If you do not, have a fantastic long weekend, or let me know if you'd like some more assignments if you're not being kept busy enough."

What exactly is the message we're trying to send with that e-mail?

Translation: 'Anything you choose is perfectly acceptable, because none of you are doing anything useful, anyways.'
I think it's more along the lines of "Monday is a firm holiday but lowly associates will be in anyway, busting their tails, so summer associates should come to work to put in some face time and kiss some butt."
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This Blog is beggining to suck. His whole attitude has changed. This guy hit the nail on the head -
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