Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I just woke up to an e-mail from an associate who's been looking more and more pregnant recently, but was in the office as recently as yesterday. "I just gave birth to a daughter, [name], this morning at 4:13 A.M. So I will not be in the office today. I will be checking my Blackberry throughout the day, so feel free to let me know if you need anything. Thanks."

Couldn't wait until I got to the office to post that.

Sickening. I hope you suggest the associate get some counselling. Unfortunately, some people probably think that this is an admirable example of unwavering dedication to the job, but it is clearly nothing more than either an empty gesture by the associate, or (even worse) an indication of vastly misplaced priorities. If it's the latter, I fear for that baby.
At least the baby won't have to pay to go to a top school.
Has the baby filed a wrongful birth suit yet?
Can she bill the time it took her to write the e-mail to you after giving birth?
Make sure she brings in a doctor's note.
I'm not sure, but when one gives birth, is it necessary to be in the hospital ALL day long? The birth was, in fact, at 4:13 AM - clearly she could've made it in on time. She could've at least made it a half day. If she wants that bonus, she should come in and make up those hours.
Wait, wait, wait.

She was pregnant? She had sex?

She's a lawyer?
At first this seemed disturbing, but then I realized that she probably uses her blackberry for personal correspondence as well as work. Most likley she was e-mailing a lot of people at that time and included the firm, either as an informative letter announcing the birth, or as a thoughtful gesture toward anyone who had failed to realize she was pregnant and had expected her to get some work done for them. Either way, why was she at work the day before the birth, show-off!!!
Blackberry = Crackberry
Why did she find it necessary to include the name? Were you supposed to care about the name? Or did she want you to congratulate her for ruining her career?
Is it your baby?
if a woman is reading this, could you please tell us whether this is at all possible. it seems quite a feat to pull off and i'm doubtful... it's probably a joke.
Of course it's possible - and not at all troubling. There isn't any reason a healthy woman can't work right up until the time she goes into labor. And why shouldn't she? What is she supposed to be doing - cleaning house and preparing the nursery? If those things are taken care of it's better to be working then sitting around fretting over every little detail as she waits for the baby to arrive. What she should do, however, is now take some time off to bond with and care for her new child. If she doesn't do that, then I would be concerned.
My wife worked up to the day she gave birth. As a matter of fact the day prior to giving birth she had an ultrasound and they told her to revise her due date by a few weeks as there was no way this kid was ready to come out...

That night over desert the contractions started and twelve hours later a 8lb 2oz kid popped out...
You can certainly work until giving a normal birth -- and in fact work within a week afterwords.

The best example I know of is a female doctor in a rural area who had to give birth. Every day out of the office cost about $3400 (expenses, plus no pay, plus having to pay an additional covering physician to come in for 1 hour a day for emergencies) -- she was out a total of 4 days. If your motivated, pregnancy is no worse than the flu in terms of absence -- and a physician has a much more physically demanding job than an attorney.

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