Monday, July 26, 2004

I'm heading out to play golf in just a few minutes. One of my bigger clients in an ongoing matter is on vacation this week and so there's a little less activity than usual. We're in between deadlines, in a way.

Who did you take to the course? How bad can an associate play without bringing the world down around his/her ears? Should a beginner play but frequently just pick up their ball and take double bogies to avoid slowing play?
AL, do you think minority attorneys have as good a chance of succeeding in large law firms as white lawyers? I ask this because it seems activities like golf, going to formal expensive dinners and chatting up old white men are de facto requirements of making partner. If a minority is not use to this type of lifestyle don't you think it's an enormous disadvantage? Is this one explanation for the much higher attrition rate among minority attorneys at large law firms?
I have a question for you Anonymous Lawyer. As I was watching the pathetic Democratic National Convention on TV tonight I was wondering if your consider yourself a Republican or Democrat. I would think since you like to help rich people alot that you would be in the GOP. However, given most attorneys tendencies to chase ambulances(think John Edwards on this one) or be aligned with the trial lawyer lobby, I'm wondering which one comes through more? Just curious
Stop worrying about golf. If you're a poor lawyer, you're not going to make partner because of your golf skills. And if you're a good lawyer, you're not going to be passed over because you stink at or don't play golf. The stereotype of the golfing lawyer (like that of lawyers taking long liquid lunches or being staunch Republicans or confronting each other in the hallway about the merits of their positions) is fantasy.
To 9:54: There's no reason why a minority can't participate in those activities just the same as a non-minority.
There is also no reason a preppy pale white kid from an Ivy League school can't shoot hoops with a bunch of ghetto bastards in Compton, but do you expect him to?

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