Tuesday, July 20, 2004

To the author of the comment I just deleted: Is that the best you can do?  Even if I am one of the seventeen people you named, seventeen's a lot of people.

Is deleting the comment a reflection that you were, in fact, on that list, or is it that you're not on the list and 1) you deleted the comment to continue to misdirect people as to your identity, or 2) that you deleted the comment to keep those poor assholes from receiving prank calls all day?
What an ugly turn this blog has taken. If people can't take brutal honesty and sarcasm, they should delete their link to the blog.
Stupid question @ 9:10 am. Maybe you should fax AL resume - sounds like you would fit right into his summer program. What would you do if you ran a 'for entertainment only' anonymous site and some idiot started randomly pulling companies and individuals out of a phone book/search engine and splattering them about, attributing all kinds of things to their names? Geez, dude. Scooby was a first rate idiot, what rank are you?
Agreed with @11:10

AL is writing great stuff for us to read and a few select fools are causing him all kinds of grief. I for one hope they stop before AL gets fed up and takes the blog down.
AL might like having the power of an editor, it is interesting to see the erasure marks and wonder what was said.
Re: Anonymous @ 2:27pm

Someone tried to figure out just who Anonymous Lawyer really is and then posted the names of seventeen partners at a law firm. IMO, they made an error in one of them assumptions, so the list wasn't particularly interesting. Further, what were we supposed to do with the list? Email each of the partners and ask them if they're Anonymous Lawyer? Actually, that's a good idea. I'll go do that. Then I will hug some snakes. I will hug and kiss some poisonous snakes!
Shut the fuck up, Cis.

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