Sunday, August 15, 2004

You think I'm a jerk sometimes... I woke up to an e-mail from a friend of mine at another firm:

"One of my best associates comes into my office on Friday and tells me she's leaving the firm because she's pregnant. I shut the door and told her I'd like to get her up on my desk, spread her legs, grab a coat hanger, and perform an abortion myself. We need her hours! She's the lead associate on our biggest case of the quarter! Now we have to train a new person to step in and take over. It's a mess. She's really screwing the firm here."

Is this flamebait? He would be more than a "jerk" if he actually said this insensitive, lawsuit-provoking statement to a lead associate. But then again, he did claim it was the biggest case "of the quarter!" Sounds like a partner.
Also sounds like one of AL's friends...
Ppl in the last post's comments are painting a bleak picture for anyone not in a top 10 school. Not so. If you're in a top 25 school, and you make law review & top 10%, you'll be just fine.
It cracks me up how, time and time again, readers take this blog way more seriously than it asks to be taken. The blaring headline, "Stories from the trenches, by a FICTIONAL hiring partner..." just doesn't seem to get the message through.

This blog is the art of satire at its finest. Keep it up AL.
Uncivil Litigator:

I think it's pretty obvious by now that AL is the real deal. Don't believe it? Check this out:

Either he IS the real thing, or he went to the trouble to create two distinct, mutually corroborative web personae (in which case, he's a genious).
couldn't you delegate that procedure to a paralegal?....
No, no, I tend to agree with Uncivil Litigator. This is over-the-top stuff that's probably meant as satire. Whether or not it's actually "good" satire, however, I believe is an open question.

To me, it's in fact more like soap opera: you watch/read it because it's entertaining on a superficial level, bringing out all the vices of its respective milieu. We watch/read it because, simply put, we as humans are attracted to vice. We know it's perhaps wrong, shameful, and what not, but still, we can't help it. As someone said on another blog (, Anonymous Lawyer "captures the mindset of the worst elements of law firm life better than anyone else currently writing." In other words, and for better or for worse (okay, so more likely for worse), Anonymous Lawyer writes for the lowest common denominator within each of us.
Well it looks like BeckyTURTLE is the one AL was flirting with and the one he was happy to see sent overseas. Reading these law blogs has made me very glad I decided against going to law school.
hello. What's the general consensus on the following DC area schools: American, Georgetown, George Washington. Thanks! Love your blog!
If you get into Georgetown and decide to go to one of the other places, you should have your head examined.
4:11 -- Georgetown is far superior. And I've heard that all the best students transfer out of American after the first year.
Obviously fiction; no self-respecting senior partner would have in his office one of those cheap coat hangers that can be disassembled and twisted into an abortifacient. The expensive wooden coat hangers favored by the Illuminati are useless for this sort of job.

-- Isaac Laquedem

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