Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I'm in the office early to get ready for a series of conference calls today with people on the East Coast, beginning at 10:30 (that's 10:30 their time, not mine). We're hammering out some last-minute parts of a deal, and I'm expecting I'll have to sit in on these calls for most of the day. If anyone has any questions they'd like me to answer, put them in the comments and it'll give me something to do when the calls get slow.

Someone commented on a recent post, "What do you consider a mildly sexist remark? And what is over the top? Can you post what he actually said?" No, I can't post what he actually said, for obvious reasons. But, for illustrative purposes, mildly sexist: "the women around here aren't bad to look at, are they?" over the top: "you fire them if they get pregnant, right?"

How do you feel about hiring a student who intends to do public-interest work in the long-term? (which may be obvious from their resume) Let's say this person goes to a top school, maybe Stanford.
Despite its ranking, I've heard that NYU is not as highly regarded on the West Coast as it is in NY. Have you found this to be true? If so, assuming I want to work on the West Coast, should I try to attend a lower ranked West Coast school, a more "national" East Coast school, or just go for the highest ranked school I can get into?
What does an associate have to do to get fired in their first few years? And how do you go about it?
Question: What percentage of the attorneys at your firm are minorities? And how many are partners? How does this compare to the other large firms in your area?
Sheesh, folks, have you heard of the Greedy Associates board? Try it some time to get answers to your questions.
When are you taking up an entertainment practice?
9:34 --

you can get that information on

look at the stats for gibson dunn, o'melveney, latham, etc., etc.

the answer to your question regarding minorities will most likely be "few associates" and "even fewer partners." Probably a better question for AL -- one to which you won't find the answer on nalp -- is how have those numbers changed in recent years. These are good questions to ask partners, because they've been there a while.
how generous are you with billing time to the client? some people don't keep diaries, so a month later, they know they've worked on it, but aren't too sure for how long....
Two-part question:
1. What do you think of the Dodger’s post-season chances?
2 Given your previously posted dislike for religious (i.e. Jewish) holiday’s, what’s your take on Sean Green’s day off for Yom Kippur?

Your posts make me laugh, and cringe.

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