Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Anonymous Wife left.

Almost two weeks ago, which may help explain the lack of regular writing recently.

I told her I thought the counseling was helping, but she said it wasn't helping fast enough. She said I wasn't putting family first, and that maybe if she left for a little while I could work on that without "distractions." So I have been trying to work on that. Without a tremendous amount of success, but it is very easy to bury yourself in work when you have no one to come home to. Not that I was necessarily finding it difficult to bury myself in work when I did have someone to come home to.

But I accepted what she was saying at face value. I knew what I had to do to get her back. I have been trying. I can change my priorities. On Saturday I realized she has been lying to me. That was my "nightmare" posting, and the reason I had to get away. Somehow, and it doesn't matter how, I discovered she had slept with another partner here. Not particularly recently, and only once, but it has changed everything. I need to protect my assets. I need to collect evidence. I can be good at this. This is how I'm paid to think. She will not bleed me dry, if this is really the end. I probably should not be writing about this.

Poor AL. Now the question of how much of this is bogus takes on particular resonance. As a soon to be 1-L, I find the divorce rates the scariest aspect of the legal profession. Anyone else thoughts?
This whole thing is bullshit. Well, sorta. AL is fiction. Genuine fiction. I bet the story escalates until our hero does himself in... It'll be interesting to see how that is written.

I say "sorta" because unfortunately, this fictional account is completely realistic in every way. AL might be a work of fiction, but these episodes are being played out every day in every city with BIGLAW-type firms.

Good writing.
That's indeed a nightmare, AL. It's beyond me how anyone could do something like that to someone you care enough to marry. And with a partner in your firm? That's like a slap in the face. Maybe it's a tad judgemental of me to say that. Do what you have to, AL. Hope all works out fine for you...
That confirms it for me; AL was “outed” over a couple of weeks ago. All the sudden we are seeing a transition from Rambo Partner, to re-thinking his career choices, my wife left me, my kids do not know me, I can get her back, I hate myself [insert martyrdom type phrases here] yada yada yada.

All this translates into an easy goodbye for AL, where he can sail away and not chance giving away anymore more tidbits of information to a group of people who for the most part are looking to figure him out. He can say goodbye, stop posting and all you poor saps out there will buy the fact he is doing it "save" his anonymous marriage.

I am anonymous JD and I approve this message.
Let's presume AL is real and all of this is true. I would encourage everyone to read each and every post he has written to date. Would you want to be married to this guy? Having said that, that is no excuse for anonymous wife to cheat. I wouldn't take her back for anything now. All bets are off for cheating.

What AL posts on a daily basis are the precise reasons I have left practice and am now in a "law related" field. I make a lot less, but I still have a super wife, kids, soccer, basketball, baseball games, free weekends, my sanity and my soul. As mastercard says..."priceless". It might be harder to get the kids through college, I won't have the second home or the prestige of a partnership. Maybe I wouldn't have gotten there anyway given my attitude. But, I don't care. At the end of day I still come home and my kids are awake and I'm watching them grow up. This isn't an indictment on anyone who pursues the kind of life AL has chosen. We all make choices, but we are the sum total of those choices. I have not one regret for leaving that life behind.
Very much fiction... I expected better from AL. This is a pretty cliche turn of events. Gee, law partner ignores wife and family, wife leaves him, he finds out she's cheated on him -- not just with anyone, with a partner *at his very firm*!

Now he has 24 hours to find the terrorists, return the lost dog to its rightful owner, learn the lesson of the value of family, find true love and meaning in life. *puke*

This is better when he's being a fictitious dick.
Must agree:

1) AL is not real (but writes about real life).
2) The marriage split was an obvious dramatic device.
Sad to say, collecting evidence on the cheating won't keep her from bleeding him dry. In Cali she's going to get half anyway, plus v. generous spousal and child support. Good luck.
"In Cali she's going to get half anyway"

Not if there's a pre-nup! AL, please tell us you have a pre-nup.

Also, previous poster, I can't believe you abbreviated the word "very." I know that's a tough one to spell out.
I love you AL. Will you marry me?
I agree. AL is getting less believable. That's too bad because I wanted to ask him how he feels about students splitting summers. Do they have less of a chance of getting an offer?
AL is fake. That much should be obvious. And this latest post is the lamest "twist" yet. His wife cheated with his own partner?? Alert Jerry Bruckheimer and David Kelley. Yawn.

Moving on to legit inquiries, splitting summers is a bad idea everywhere but Texas (where it's encouraged). Unless, that is, you're a badass, and you "can" do it. But if you're asking, you're not one.
I'm kind of amazed at how much of a dick everyone is being. yes, there's a chance that this is fake, but even if it is, this is hardly the post to show your utter lack of humanity towards the man. clearly we all find something valuable or entertaining about this blog to keep showing up week after week - and i personally find it hard to believe that so many of you are such pessimists about it. if you really think it's fake why don't you just go read some Grishom. clearly something is drawing you here - and i would argue it's the chance that it's real. and if it's real, or if there's a chance, then show some fucking empathy.
Hi,I just posted my take on this. It's here:

I didn't want to post it here on AL's blog as I felt it's not my place to comment so extensively on somebody elses' blog. This is afterall, a sensitive issue. So I decided to post my thoughts on my own blog, so that people who don't want to read don't have to.
Stop remodeling work on your kitchen....NOW!
Hey 12:56 bit me, I'm very sensitive in certain spots.
The phrase "Jumped the Shark" comes to mind...
Poor AL - think less about "winning" and more about a resolution that will allow you to sleep at night. Best of luck.
A real lawyer? Hide your money in Japan.
Dude that sleeping with your partner is right out of Regarding Henry -- a movie which in my mind proves that one way lawyers can become real human beings is by being shot in the head.
In response to the first commenter - Whether my experience is typical or not, I don't know. I was surprised to learn that, at the firm I worked at this summer, most of the women were either remarried or divorced. However, most of the men had been married for years and years. Like I said, I don't know if this is typical of the area I live in or firm life or what.
Could she have left because the point size of these comments is just too damn large? Just a thought.
I was thinking about how this whole AL blog kind of reminds me of a Bret Easton Ellis book. Not any specific book, but the atmosphere and themes of the books. AL hasn't talked about anybody being brutally murdered which is a big difference, but he might have created that second blog for the associate he flirted with which is kind of the way Ellis writes seeing events from multiple viewpoints. Of course the main similarity is the description of the pointless and detached life of an outwardly successful and healthy individual at the top of society. That being a somewhat popular theme these days I think - one reason why all of us readers might find the blog compelling enough to keep coming back.
holy christ. I can accept you don't exist, but your "wife" "slept" with another "partner"?? If I wanted plotlines this shitty I'd watch any original series on basic cable.
It would be infra dig. to have a wife who slept with an associate.
"Let's presume AL is real and all of this is true. I would encourage everyone to read each and every post he has written to date. Would you want to be married to this guy?"

Yes, unless he's really ugly. Very funny blog.
8:15 is right. Absolutely Jumped the Shark (although I think this expression is past its prime). What's next? "AL Goes to Hawaii" or "AL Goes to the Grand Canyon"? Or maybe a special guest appearance by some washed-up star?

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