Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A colleague in New York just e-mailed me to tell me the Red Sox won Game 6. I'm still in the office, so I haven't been watching, but I did see the end of last night's game. I still can't believe the Dodgers were knocked out without putting up much of a fight. I think it's going to be the Red Sox tomorrow night. They have the momentum. Just like whenever I need an associate to work overnight, I pick the one who's been working the hardest recently, because he has the momentum.

One of my colleagues here has been chiding me recently because I've never done any pro bono hours since I was a third-year associate and did a divorce case. He tries to do 10 hours a year, and he thinks it makes him better than the rest of us. So I might take on a case, just to show him I'm not a heartless human being. Maybe I'll help his kids petition for emancipation.

If you actually decide to do some pro bono, pick something you might actually give a damn about. Think about what bothers you -- why doesn't someone do something about . . . and then do that.
AL's right, but I think he doesn't want to tell us the real secret: Pro bono is for young associates, because it's a substitute for firm training. Partners have to think hard before allowing an associate to go in front of a judge, especially on a firm case. Better to let the associate go do that for some indigent client, and get practice that way. And if the client loses, well the firm was paying anyway.

When you're a partner & you're trained & your time is extra-precious, there's little point in doing pro bono. That's supposedly what the public interest people they graduated with a decade before are supposed to be handling.
Yes, Mr. Anon is correct. Pro bono for A. consists of going to charity functions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Fashion Institute* on the company dime. But, here's a world problem A. might solve:

Teenaged Thai girls are being sold into sexual slavery every day. Perhaps A. can use his mighty jurisprudential gifts to liberate (and maybe sponsor) some of these young women through one of the many international relief angencies like Lawyers who are Voyeurs or Lawyers without Borders.

The very littlest ones he can certainly sell to the infertile two lawyer households, and as a kind of bonus, he can keep the older cuter ones himself.

I'm sure Mrs. A will welcome the help of 2 pair of tiny little Thai hands around the house as will, I'm sure, A. Thai girls make the best nannies and can take the kids to the pool etc.

Rescuing lithe Thai Girls = true Pareto Optimality.There might even be a bar award in it for A. -- at the very least a convention in Paris.

*Or whatever the local institutionn is called.
LD: your ongoing attempts at humor and wit are becoming increasingly annoying.
Stongly disagree. LD is the best thing to happen to this blog. AL has alredy gotten repetitive and boring. LD's reactions to AL, however... Brilliant!
Anono uno: My prescription. Work more! Take on more projects! It will be therapeutic. If you skip Thanksgiving and Christmas you can bill 8-900 from now to the end of the year. I cannot assure you a bonus, but it's info you can throw around where ever the associates get together to brag about the size of their dicks.

Anono due: I'm a bitter bitter lawyer, and I failed all the important courses: Blowing Smoke I & Subservience II. I'm failed, failed I tell you.

A. knows I feel his pain and love, love, love him. (I mean who doesn't find a middle aged lawyer hot?); but he can email me if he is not amused.

P.S. If
delete P.S. if
Also uno -- could you take 2 or 3 hours and explain haloscan to A.? Or maybe you could talk to his secretary or some paralegal?
If AL wants a better commenting system, he should just say so. I run a moveabletype based blog site, and if he's interested in such things, I'll hook him up with the information and move his blog to my site. (because MT has much better comments than either haloscan or blogspot, and because I like reading AL)
Don't do it AL! What would the world come to? Your witty quips, your carefree style, your heartless demeanor - would all fade away with this 'pro-bono' crap. Say it ain't so!
The fact that AL is a Dodgers fan proves that he's not real. A real lawyer doesn't root for losers. Of course the Dodgers were going to drop like flies. What did you expect from one of the best hitting teams in baseball.

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