Saturday, October 23, 2004

I just woke up in a cold sweat. I had a nightmare.

I'm taking Monday off from work. We're getting to the end of recruiting season; I can afford one day off. Going to do something. I haven't decided what yet. Maybe skydiving. Something to feel again. Any ideas? Needs to be a place I can bring my Blackberry, just in case.

Do anything you enjoy. But put the Blackberry on QUIET.
I've mounted and framed my law degree and my law school transcript over my bed. Whenever I get those feelings, I just look up and everything's OK.

If that doesn't work, you should buy a car. Or find a hot stripper to have sex with you.
you like fishing? go on a chartered fishing boat - it's probably still warm enough out there on the west coast right? and don't take your blackberry unless you want it to "accidentally" fall in the water.

or if youre a hiker go camping leave on sunday afternoon (after the NFL games) and camp out for a night. and don't bring the blackberry, just in case they tell you come to work on your day off
Rent these.
spend the day in bed with your wife.
LD's idea sounds fantastic, but then again I am a film major.

9:47's idea sounds disease-tastic.

Jill's idea sounds good too, but that might be the haven't-had-sex-in-a-few-weeks talking.

Ben's idea sounds boring and smelly.

From your skydiving example, sounds like you want something exhilarating, not relaxing. I would suggest hopping into your sports car (which hopefully is a stick shift), and driving up/down/out to Malibu. There's a great road called Latigo Cyn Rd, with a series of back-to-back hairpin turns. If you enjoy real driving:
Go to Yosemite. No matter what part of the state you are in, you can afford to drive -- or fly to to SF if you are down south & rent an SUV. Leave tonight. Call & make reservations at the lodge - or maybe the canvas tents or bare-bones cabin. Take your wife - take your kid out of school for the day. And hike. You don't even have to be the 'outdoors type.' In fact, it's better if you aren't -- get out, away, and look around. Physical activity. Trust your wife with the Blackberry. She will know if there's anything critical enough that you have to answer it.
"Something to feel again" - Quit your job, throw your Blackberry into the garbage. Other than that - some temporary distractions until the next time you have this "Something to feel again" moment:
-get up early, walk down to your local bakery for some freshly baked bread, get some jam or honey and peanut butter and make a sandwich
-take a walk with your wife, hold her hand, get some hot chocolate, look at the fall leaves, tell her how much you love her, give her a hug and kiss
-go to a pumpkin patch and pick out a lonely and sad looking pumpkin and give it a home
-read "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho in a cozy room with warm blankets and hot tea and cookies
-make some a big pot of sphagetti
Go to Venice Beach or Third Street Promenade, watch the street performers and thank your lucky stars that you are where you "claim" to be at.
pick your son up from school. At the very least, it'll test your recall of faces
Stay up late Sunday night with your wife. Do something together that you did together way back before all of this began.

On Monday, take her on that early morning walk to the bakery. Sit outside and have coffee and pastries. Walk on the beach.

Then go take your kid out of school for the day -- surprise him -- and go do something that you know he would like: A car show, batting cage, a movie. Whatever.

The Yosemite idea is a good one -- but if you don't get out and away, then just make sure that your Monday is as different as possible for you, your kid, and your wife.

Skydive the next time.
OMG, I think I'm gonna throw up. What is going on here?
Leave now, go to Vegas.
Forget all that crap, grab your shotgun and spend the day busting clays. Nothing like blasting clay pigeons to get your frustration worked out. Or better yet, go deer hunting in Montana.
Deer hunting? Don't you have to be pretty stupid to do that? Like, inbred and whatnot? I don't think AL qualifies.
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Chill out. Yeah, spamming is annoying, but please don't tell me you were gullible enough to click on that.
I'm sorry, I'm trying to get back to work but I just can't get over how incredibly stupid 4:33 from the last post is. Read, you moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously La Depressionada would not leave the message at 2:21 to which you retardedly attribute her.

Jeez--we seriously need to raise the bar for bassing the bar exam by about 75%.
11:36, you missed 4:33's point, entirely. Go back and re-read.

Your post is quite ironic, no? Lol.

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