Sunday, November 28, 2004

The office is surprisingly full this afternoon with people who spent too much time eating turkey and need to make up the hours. I brought in some leftover pie to offer to anyone who looked like he'd been here all weekend, and they approached like vultures. I quickly ran out of pie. And it was good pie. My mother made it, despite her quickly-approaching dementia. She doesn't understand why I have to work so hard. No matter how many times I explain it, she doesn't understand. So now I just tell her it'll pay for the assisted living facility she's inching closer and closer to each year and she shuts up.

What office? what pie?? You don't exist and neither does anything you write about in this blog. Just stop posting and admit to reality. You are so delusional.
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I always think it's a sweet gesture when people bring food from home to share with co-workers in the office, even if they don't do it for altruistic reasons. So kudos to you, AL!

And your comment to Anonymous Mom, is sweet in a twisted way too...LOL.
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I love how every post by AL gets a "you're not real" comment. Come on, it says right at the top of the page "fictional". What's even funnier is how each person thinks that they are being insightful when pointing out how AL doesn't exist.
since you're a hiring partner, are you also on the committee deciding how much the bonus will be? 30 days and counting.
make anonymous mom work for that nursing home. why not get rid of the cleaning crew, put her on office duty and pad your pockets a little more?
Oddball, your AL-love is kind of sickening. Just a hunch, but sucking up to some anonymous blogger is not going to get you a job... of any variety.
You should've also brought some doggie bags filled with leftover turkey bones that still have a little bit of meat on them. Then just dump them on the floor of each 1st year associates' office. Make 'em grovel like the dogs and bitches they are.

How well you know me, 2.28. Perhaps you have tried and tested that strategy and failed miserably. Thanks for the tip anyway. But I am not half as strategic as you were, I am just a normal blog reader who happens to be unashamed of expressing my opinions, even if it means making someone else's stomach turn in the process.
you're awesome.

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