Tuesday, November 23, 2004

There's a partner here who's sleeping with a young associate. It's obvious, everyone knows. I think it's outrageous. They're constantly flirting in the hall, people see them heading out to lunch together. It's one thing to have something discreet going on, that no one is completely sure about. But it's quite another for it to be out in the open. What makes this one especially galling is that the genders are flipped. The partner is a she. The associate is a he. That's not the way it's supposed to work. It's understood that there are going to be female associates who are prepared to do whatever it takes to make partner, and will find the guys with the vulnerable marriages and make their move. It's part of how the industry works. But to flip it around, it seems more vulgar. He's a very good-looking young man (I think he had his teeth bleached) and can surely have his pick of women, yet he chooses the shrew down the hall. It's obviously just for his career. Perhaps I'm jealous. No female partners tried to seduce me when I was a young associate. Of course, when I was a young associate, there were no female partners.

Sounds like she has more power than you do. Cannot do much about it, huh?
AL, have any female associates tried to seduce you to make partner? C'mon, give us the inside scoop!
If you really were a partner you would be able to quash this situation. I doubt the "firm" would like this going on, for PR and image reasons. Your authority and ingenuity fade by the day. You used to be inspiring, in a "dont fuck up and become this person sort of way". Now, I tear up when i read your blog, not only because there are people like you out there, but also because I would gladly put you out of your misery if you asked me to.
I think it's pretty awesome that AL has become an anonymous internet punching bag for people to take out all their displaced aggression.

*e-punches AL's nuts*
maybe in a week or two, we'll read about your rant on the year end bonus.
what exactly is a partner supposed to do to "quash" another partner having sex? and what kind of PR are they to be worried about? consenting adults are having sex! film at 11! i mean, shit... if lawyers couldn't fraternize amongst themselves half of them wouldn't be getting laid at all.
How do the year end bonuses work at Biglaw? Usually what percent of your annual will it be, assuming you get the higher range amount?
Now I'm sure of it. AL is an insurance defense lawyer. Neanderthal.
Is this woman actually stupid enough to think that the attractive man LIKES her?
What's the matter, AL? You had your eye on that associate, didn't you.
I just stumbled across your blog today, actually googling for that "..beat my d*ck like it owes me money.." skit. Thanks for posting that. I needed it. However, I found the rest of your blog rather intriguing, although I'm confused as to whether or not you're really a lawyer.
I didn't bother to read all of the text, just kinda skimmed, as it sounds like something YOU'D do, then bill for it.
Do you actually practice law, or are you a writer? Your flow really speaks to me. I'll keep reading if you keep posting.
Yes, I would bet you are jealous. Had your eye on that associate yourself, didn't you?
Lawyers have sex? Lawyers are horny? WTF.
3:10, come to think of it, you're right. Lawyers work so many hours, how do they possibly find the time and energy to have sex? Maybe it's only those at mid and low-tier firms that have that luxury.
3:13- then where do all the snobby lawyers come from if the only procreators are lower tier attorneys. You arrogant pricks probably think your good in bed too. I guess if you make enough, your wife wont care otherwise.
I'M STARTING THE "SAVE OUR AL CAMPAIGN"...(posting credits here...."like it owes you money"- good one...to the author of that one, you must be a lawyer you guys have the best humor...so dry, I love it....)sorry Al, this IS your place ....
OK, Al, it's going to be ok. So, they are getting it on, point taken, get it, I got it, it was just a point of observation and yeah it is a freakydeaky deal to see the flip - might be hard on the sensitive client or spouse - psst, I would rather be proactive in that deal and drop a hint about that discretion you mentioned.... rather than have a civil or criminal case commence right there on the premises, any takers on that one? all rise.....
uh, yes they do, and some mighty fine times a that
Is making partner really worth all that?
Everybody bleaches their teeth nowadays. Get over it.

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