Friday, January 21, 2005

I can't stand the paralegals. I don't mean the career paralegals, the ones who are 40 years old and have decided that my life isn't the life they want and they'd rather be an indentured servant five days a week instead of seven. I don't think much of their decision, but I understand the reasons people make it. Who I can't stand are the recent college graduates here for the express purpose of sucking up enough so that I write them a law school recommendation letter. If only they knew the kinds of letters I've written, they would stop asking. But it becomes a dagger to hold to their throats as I ask them to measure the margins on every page of a printed document to make sure the paper didn't feed through the laser printer at an angle, or to count the number of sheets of paper in a box again just to make sure their first count was right. They do it because they're scared of what might happen if they don't. I'll fire them and they'll have nothing to show for the year they're hoping will convince law school admissions officers that they really want to be lawyers, when in fact they have no idea what they want to do, but did well on the LSAT and want to make money. "She was a very competent paralegal, despite making it obvious she was only here to fool you into thinking all she ever wants in the world is to be a student at your overrated and largely ineffectual institution of higher learning." That should do it, right?

(Sorry for the recent posting irregularity. Will be better about it starting next week.)

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