Saturday, April 02, 2005

This is a terrible day. Every year it frustrates me. For no good reason, tonight at 2 A.M. we lose a billable hour. Daylight savings time is ridiculous. Individually, it's not a big deal, but think of it on a firm-wide level. That's hundreds of billable hours. Gone. Without a trace. And don't tell me we get them back in October when the clocks turn the other way, because by October everyone forgets about the debt they incur back in April, and just uses the extra hour to sleep. It's a useless waste of valuable time, and I hate having to tolerate it every single year. Definitely on the list of things I will change when I become chairman of the firm.

Hourly billing gets a bad reputation, but I don't know why. If we charged a flat fee by project, we would have an incentive to push the work down the food chain to our most junior-level associates, or, even worse, farm it out to temps. This way, the clients get what they pay for. If I spend an hour with your file, that's one rate. If an incompetent first-year spends an hour with your file, that's a different rate. Only makes sense that way, since my time, obviously, is a lot more valuable. Everyone knows that.

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