Monday, October 03, 2005

Based on today's news, I guess I'm next in line to be a Supreme Court justice. A decade of distinguished service at a law firm, no paper trail, and I have a cousin who once met the President at a fundraising event.

She went to a law school we don't even recruit at. That's ridiculous. I'd love to know her LSAT score. If she couldn't even get into a top law school I don't know what she's doing getting nominated for the Supreme Court.

The bigger news today is the handful of associates who decided that since the Jewish holiday starts tonight, they can take a long weekend and no one would notice. I notice. And I'm making a list. These associates will have a paper trail.

The last handful of first-year associates are starting today, the ones who begged off starting earlier because they wanted an extra-long vacation, or hate to work (a terrible reputation to have before you even start), or, in one particularly ridiculous case, had to take care of an elderly relative. There's an obsession with the elderly in this country, and it's not very healthy. People get old, people get sick. It's the natural course of things. We shouldn't try so hard to fight it. People get old, they become useless. The Chairman is useless. He should retire.

I can't figure out how to get the printer to print on both sides of the page, and I can't figure out how to get out of this marriage counseling thing Anonymous Wife is making me do tonight. One of her vapid friends recommended a therapist. The friend is divorced. Thrice. I'm not looking forward to this. Maybe that's why I've been grumpy today. I made Anonymous Secretary get me another bagel after she sliced the first one badly. It was lopsided. She should be more careful. I'd hate to see what she's been doing with my billing reports.

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