Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Thank you for all of the ideas regarding how to torture my associates, especially with the holidays coming up. I am ignoring the ones that suggest I make them read this weblog. It was amusing the first time. It was less amusing the second time, third time, and beyond. I will share the suggestions in a future post, as soon as I can get Anonymous Son to compile them into one document for me. He's better at this computer stuff than I am. You should continue to send them. They brighten my day.

I ran over a cat on the way into the office this morning. People should control their pets better.

We had a handful of new associates start on Monday. Stragglers who couldn't start with the rest of their class because of illness or injury or special circumstances. They'll get caught up soon enough. A few document production assignments, maybe a 50-state survey over a holiday weekend, and they'll be right where the rest of their peers are.

I'm trying to decide what to buy Anonymous Wife for Christmas. Last year I had my secretary pick something out, and that didn't turn out well. It did, however, cost my secretary her job. If you can't pick out a gift for my wife, given the low expectations she already has about what I'm going to buy her, you probably shouldn't be answering my phone.

What a dull afternoon. Waiting for a conference call. This would have been such a better week if someone had failed the bar exam, or if we'd announced below-market bonuses. I long for the days of below-market bonuses. But life goes on, and we find new sources of joy.

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