Friday, January 20, 2006

Anonymous Wife and I had our first "date night" tonight. It's something the therapist says will be good for the marriage. That remains to be seen. I had one of my associates come to the house and babysit Anonymous Son. Anonymous Daughter was out with her friends, probably giving handjobs to the Boys Junior Varsity Basketball team, or whatever it is 15 year old girls do these days.

We went to see Match Point, the new Woody Allen movie. Don't read this post if you don't want to know what happens in the movie. I hear Woody Allen, I think comedy. This wasn't a comedy. We argued the entire ride home about the movie. I identified very much with the main character. He's in a loveless marriage, but his wife's family is rich. He's having an affair with a struggling actress. She gets pregnant. He doesn't want to risk losing the comfortable lifestyle he has with his wife, so he murders the actress. I think he made the right choice. He was trapped. What else could he have done? If he comes clean, his wife leaves him and he loses the nice house and the amazing suits. If that's what people are wearing in London, I need to order some. Beautiful suits on these actors. I should look into mail order. He had to kill her. He had no choice. It's not worth losing the lifestyle you've grown accustomed to just to indulge your passions and find happiness. Obviously, this was the message of the movie. Sometimes you need to kill people. Not rich people. But struggling actresses.

My wife completely disagreed. She said she thought the hero in the movie was the mistress, and that she probably got pregnant on purpose to force the man to finally leave his wife. She was bold enough to take a risk and even though it didn't work out for her, she's the one we should be applauding. I think that's an absurd interpretation. We fought all the way home.

She said at least now she knows I'm not having an affair, because if I was, I'd have killed my mistress already. And I told her I guess that means she's the one having the affair. She denied it. I suppose I believe her. She's too lazy to have an affair. Having an affair takes energy. We're both too lazy to have an affair. The last thing I need is someone else who thinks I spend too much time in the office.

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