Sunday, February 19, 2006

Anonymous Wife dragged me some sort of group couples therapy this afternoon. I don't really understand any of it, but I was willing to play along this time, probably because I got too much sleep last night and didn't feel like having an argument.

We had to stand in a circle and say something personal about ourselves. I don't need anybody knowing any personal things about me. One guy said something about how he feels like his wife is smarter than he is, and he resents her for it. I obviously don't have that problem. His wife said she sometimes doesn't find her husband attractive. I don't blame her.

I shared a story about someone who pushed all of the buttons in the elevator when I was going up to my office, and it made me mad, and fired the kid's father once I figured out who it was he belonged to, because he should teach his son better than that. On the way home, my wife told me my story wasn't personal enough. How everyone else talked about their feelings and struggles and I talked about an elevator. But, like I said, I don't need strangers knowing things about me. I'm too important for that. What if they went to the papers? I don't want to see an article about me. My law firm's important. Being a hiring partner is important. They'd love to find out some gossip. Can't risk it.

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