Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I heard a few of my associates talking about a Mardi Gras party as they were leaving the office this evening, so I asked if I could tag along.

I was kidding. I just wanted to see the fear in their eyes when they thought I was really going to invite myself out drinking with them. Because they couldn't say no. Not to a partner. They looked at me funny, and one of them meekly said, "I guess so, if you want." Another one said, "It won't be much fun." And the third one said, "I've got some work to do after all. I think I'll have to pass on the festivities."

And then I told them I had a new assignment that just came in, and they'd have to save their Mardi Gras for another night.

What's the point of Mardi Gras anyway? If I want to see topless women all I need to do is have the recruiting staff set up an event for law students at one of our target schools and say the only way I'm taking your resume is if you have beads, and the only way you're getting beads is... well, you know the rest. Doesn't matter what we make them do as long as we take their resumes.

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