Monday, March 27, 2006

I just checked the NCAA Tournament Challenge standings. I'm tied for 12th out of 209, and I've got no teams left alive, so there's no choice I'm finishing any higher. Thus, I have been humbled, and I will keep my promise of posting at least four times a week. And if the ultimate winner wants a job here, I'll even read his resume. I'm kidding. I don't read resumes. Instead, I judge everyone by the quality of his shoes.

The NCAA Tournament Challenge was enough of a success that I've set up an Anonymous Lawyer fantasy baseball league over at Yahoo. It was a slow weekend. The houseguests left, I let the dairy products back in the refrigerator...

The League ID# on Yahoo is 293236. The password: anonymous. The draft is set for this Saturday, April 1, 10AM pacific. That's 1PM eastern, 12PM central, for the undereducated among you. If you live in the mountain time zone, you probably don't do anything important enough to bother with access to the Internet.

UPDATE: The 20-team league has filled up. I'll warn you that if you signed up and you're going to miss the draft (or not pre-rank the players), not going to maintain your team, etc, you should drop out now and open up a spot for someone else. Otherwise I will use my contacts within the industry to make sure a particularly unpleasant document review assignment lands on your desk. Trust me on this.

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