Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I got more e-mail than I expected regarding where to put the sixth easter egg. Some terrific ideas. Here are the ones I've judged to be the ten best. And my judgment, of course, is always right.

NUMBER TEN. "The sixth easter egg should get hidden in an administrative filing cabinet. It would be unlikely that any of the associates would be willing to stoop so low as to actually look in administrative files, if they even know where the administrative files are kept. If they did, and you found out about it, you could criticize them for not doing important lawyerly work and doing administrative tasks instead, for which they cannot bill."

NUMBER NINE. "Why don't you place the last egg up your a**."

NUMBER EIGHT. "Put one on the office kitchen's frying pan, uncooked, with all the ingredients for an omelette next to it. If someone makes you an omelette, you foist their work on an unexpecting non-participator. If someone makes themself an omelet, ask them to come in the next Saturday for some extra work on a particularly meaningless case."

NUMBER SEVEN. "I don’t know what kind of computers you got there, but the older ones get pretty damn hot. Putting an egg in there could add a whole new time dimension to the hunt. Find the egg within 2 hours, or someone’s office is going to smell like those scratch and sniff natural gas stickers they hand out in elementary school."

NUMBER SIX. "Put the last egg in plain view in your office on the highest shelf, after having removed all chairs from your office (except for your office chair, which I doubt anyone would try to stand on). I'm assuming your office has shelves that go to the ceiling. Also place some very fragile, glass items on all shelves."

NUMBER FIVE. "You should 'hide' an egg in plain sight in top of your desk. Then, if an associate 'finds' it, you can fire him for stealing from your desk."

NUMBER FOUR. "You can hide the egg in the HR confidential files, so that the associate that finds the egg can also be fire for going through qualified documents."

NUMBER THREE. "Put the final egg in the freezer. If the egg is not hard boiled (as you mentioned) after a short period of time it will explode and should sound like a pistol firing from short range -- consider it a present to the poor associate who's making coffee, they will just have to clean it -- in turn getting rid of all of the rancid food that's been collecting there."

NUMBER TWO. "Take an important case and put it on the desk of someone you don't like. Fill a (clear) glass of water and put the egg in. If it floats, hardboil it so it'll sink. Cover the glass with a coaster that exactly fits over the glass i.e. there are no extruding parts. Turn the glass upside down with the coaster still covering the opening and place it on top of the case. It'll be a real pain to get the egg out with spilling water on the case. And if water gets spilt on it, it's on the case of someone you don't like."

NUMBER ONE. "Discard the final egg, and after every other egg is found, up the ante on the final egg. Offer money, time off, even PAID time off -- anything to bring people to a quasi-frenzy looking for that 'golden ticket to freedom.' Although it will never be found, it will at least give your associates something to dream about."

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