Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's raining this evening. It never rains. I sent an e-mail to the associates telling them the firm advises them not to go outside in weather like this, and they should instead plan on staying in the office overnight. The last thing we need is someone skidding off the side of the road with client files in his backseat. We can't afford to lose client files. This way, the associates stay in the office, get some extra work done, and we don't have to even worry about documents getting wet. It's a disaster when documents get wet. It's worth it to keep the associates in the office just to keep everything dry.

I went home, of course. I've been here long enough that I know how to deal with the rain in such a way that all of my client materials stay safe. I can't trust the associates to be as responsible. I asked one of the first-years if I could borrow the emergency suit he keeps in the office, to hold over my head as I walked outside from my car to my house, since I don't have an umbrella. He reluctantly agreed. We'll bill the dry cleaning cost back to a client, so it won't really matter.

I'm planning on calling some associates in a few hours, just to check and make sure they're still in the office and haven't risked anything with the weather. It was hard to leave them unsupervised, but I trust they'll make the right decision for their careers. That's the trouble with young associates. You have to watch their every move sometimes. You never know what kind of mischief they'll find. We associate-proofed some of the cabinets in the utility closet (the partners need to swipe their access cards to unlock the latches on the cabinets and open them up) just so they won't be able to steal printer toner for their personal use at home. Before we did this, I suspected a few associates of stealing toner. Use rates haven't changed much, so I might have been mistaken. But it's a risk. Toner is expensive, and I don't want them taking it home with them.

Especially not in the rain. When toner gets wet, it's a complete mess.

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