Friday, June 09, 2006

One of the partners just sent out an e-mail to the entire firm. It appears he thinks he has an Internet stalker. Apparently someone set up a profile under his name on Friendster, using his photo from the firm's website, and put all sorts of unsavory (but mostly true) information on it, like about how he's currently cheating on his wife with three different members of the support staff. Imagine -- the support staff! It's one thing if someone's cheating on his wife with an actual attorney, but to cheat on your wife with a member of the support staff is pretty shameful. Also, he put up photos of the partner drunk at a recruiting event, and also a photo of him spitting on an important client file. He was annoyed one day. It happens. It's not like the client was there to see it. But one of the associates in the room must have caught it on his cell phone camera, and now it's on the Internet. The partner's been receiving e-mails from friends about this page, and he's had to deny any involvement in creating it. He doesn't know which associate did it. Lots of them plausibly have gripes about him. Almost all of them. He's hoping the e-mail to the entire firm will help him figure it out, but I expect it will just make whoever's created the page feel like he's really getting to him, and encourage him to continue. Maybe it's not even an associate who did it. Maybe it's another partner.

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