Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's been a whirlwind past couple of days here. We changed toner suppliers for the printers and copy machines, and nothing has been the same. I used to know what to expect when I printed a document, but now the places that were always a little too light are now a little too dark and I can't get my bearings straight. New boxes are lying around the copy rooms, new deliverymen are playing around with the machines, nothing is the way it used to be. It's causing chaos throughout the firm, no one knows how to handle it, and a group of associates has already formed a committee to go back to the old supplier. It's been a mess.

Maybe it's not the toner. Maybe it's the heat. It never gets as hot here as it's been for the past two weeks. The good part about it is that no one wants to leave the office when it's this hot, so it's that much easier to get the associates to stay the night. The bad news is that everyone comes in dripping with sweat and it's disgusting. And, we had to cancel the summer associate dodgeball match, because we'd reserved an entire park in the valley and it was a hundred and twelve degrees, so we couldn't take the summers there. But we still had the park reserved, and paid for, so instead we sent a handful of unnecessary associates there to guard it and prevent anyone else from using it. They turned away some schoolkids and a youth soccer team. Good work. They earned their bonuses, especially the one who passed out from heatstroke. Lazy. Heatstroke is for the guys at the firm down the street.

Anonymous Wife finally got her hands on my novel. I didn't let her read an advance copy, but she picked one up at Barnes & Noble today, first day out. I'm not that worried about what she'll think of how I depicted her. It's not like she's really going to read it. She's waiting for the Cliff's Notes.

I had a summer associate write up some Cliff's Notes for the U.S. Tax Code. He got it down from a couple thousand pages to just 328. It's pretty good. Busy-work, but he did a nice job. Maybe he'll get an offer. Ha. And maybe the sun will come up tomorrow.

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