Tuesday, August 15, 2006

After an overnight flight last night (first class, of course, even though we put the associates in coach... we'd put the secretaries in with the baggage if we ever allowed them to travel anywhere). I'm up at the University of Washington in Seattle. I've never recruited here before. Never been here before at all. Second-tier city, in a third-tier state, with a fourth-tier cost of living. In fact, I got to the law school at about 11:00 this morning, browsed the list of students I was supposed to be interviewing, and decided not to even bother, gave my schedule to an associate and told him to squeeze them in with the ones he was already supposed to meet with, and I went to see the Space Needle instead. There's a fountain behind the Space Needle, a public sprinkler of sorts. For the homeless people to clean themselves and the children to frolic in the pathogens they leave behind. Fun for the whole family, I suppose. I walked to the waterfront because someone told me about a fish store where they throw the fish at the customers and I wanted to watch that. It seemed very entertaining. Throwing fish at people is a lot of fun. We had a summer event a few years ago and a mid-level associate got drunk and threw his salmon at one of the partners. And that was cooked fish. Well, lightly seared. I couldn't imagine how much fun it would be with raw fish. I couldn't find it. Instead I bought some pluots and had a nice snack. Three of the associates said they were going to the science fiction museum after the interviews were finished. Didn't surprise me. They've always seemed like they were from outer space. They said E.T. was there. Who cares. If I want to see extraterrestrials, I just have to go to the partner barbecue and meet my colleagues' wives. Frightening.

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