Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm doing interviews at Emory Law School today. Taking a short break between students. My 2:00 is knocking on the door but he can wait. I've already seen his resume. He can wait. There's not a chance we're giving him an offer, so why shouldn't he stand outside for ten minutes while I do something a lot more important than interviewing him. Counting the tiles on the ceiling would be a lot more important than interviewing him. I don't understand why students with lousy grades even bother. They should resign themselves to a life of poorly-paid public interest work and forget about the big firms. We don't want them. You can't walk ten feet on this campus without passing another statue of Sam Nunn. It's like he's the only famous alumnus. Maybe he is. Out the window of the interview room I can see one statue of Sam Nunn standing, one of him burying a nuclear weapon in the ground, and one of Senator Nunn on his horse, fighting in the Revolution. It's overkill. Every interview here, I ask for the candidate's favorite story about Sam Nunn, and they all have something different for me. He's a legend here. Like I'm a legend back at the firm. Everyone has a story about me. It's terrific. Too bad no one here is getting a callback.

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