Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Joe Lieberman inspires me. He inspires me to change the way we run elections for the associate life committee at the firm. The way we've always done it is pretty simple. We ask for volunteers, and then we do a simple ballot, everyone votes for the associates who they want to be on the committee, and then the partners pick the ones we want to win and tell everyone they're the ones who got the most votes. It works out pretty well. But watching Joe Lieberman's speech tonight, after losing the Democratic primary, announcing he'll run as an independent, the frustration and anger in his voice, makes me want to change our system. I want to have primaries in our election. I want to have campaigning. I want negative ads on the Intranet, personal attacks, awful rumors spreading in the halls. I want people to get upset when they lose, threaten to run as an independent, I want passion. There's something inspiring about Lamont and Lieberman and all the press coverage they've been getting. It's like it matters. It's like people really care about what happens. We need that at the firm. We need people to care who's in charge of deciding whether to have heavy cream, half-and-half or both at the coffee stations on each floor. We need people to care about whether we should rehire the shoe shine guy or have a chair massage guy instead. No one cares about anything here. Some mudslinging would be fun.

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