Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Got a call today from a telemarketer trying to sell me a cemetery plot for me and Anonymous Wife. I hung up on her. My wife is frustrating enough to be around while I'm alive. I certainly don't want to be stuck next to her for all of eternity. I don't understand the desire to be buried next to one's spouse. Most of the characteristics I find tolerable about Anonymous Wife depend on her being alive. I wouldn't like her quite as much if she were dead. If I were looking for a partner in the grave, the set of characteristics I'd be looking at would be very different. In any case, the call gave me the idea that we ought to put together some plans for a big plot for the firm, and include in every partner's compensation package the right to be buried with the rest of the firm. Why not spend the afterlife among the same people you spend most of your life with. We could bury some incriminating evidence along with the partners, maybe bury some young associates to do the due diligence, and have an entire working law firm even in the great beyond. Although my role as hiring partner would be somewhat pointless when our new additions would join us underground through very different means. Nevertheless, it's an idea to think about, and I'm sure lots of partners would be in favor of it. Especially the ones without families, spending their lives alone and otherwise destined to that fate for the long haul.

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