Tuesday, January 16, 2007

As the 2008 Presidential candidates begin to declare themselves, I've started thinking about whether I might want to enter the race. After all, I'm a high-powered attorney at a top firm, with 18 years of experience managing people, solving problems, helping to grow a business, dealing with client issues both domestically and overseas... I'm well-liked, charismatic, wealthy... I don't know if it would be such a terrible idea. But then I start to think about my wife, and how I'm not sure she would really shine on a national stage. And about my kids and whether I really want to open them up to that kind of scrutiny. And I usually end up coming down on the negative side, and deciding that the time just isn't right. Maybe when I have a different wife, and when my kids are older, it'll be a different story. But for now I'm forced to decline the calls to make myself a candidate. It's a shame, because I know I could do good for this country, get people back in shape, get rid of some of the laziness that pervades the culture. Scale back on some of the holidays. I haven't really thought through my positions on a lot of the major issues, but I have time. That's not what really counts anyway.

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