Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm sorry. I received enough negative responses to my April Fools Day post that I've been persuaded to remove it from the site. In retrospect, I should not have named names, even in jest. The attorneys I called out for their behavior in the recruiting process, as litigators, and as representatives of the profession are not necessarily bad people, and the accusations I made were based mostly on speculation and rumor, not fact. The firms I discussed, and the specific people I mentioned, were meant as examples of larger trends in the profession, but I did not intend the post to be taken literally, or those specific individuals and firms to feel wronged by it. I also did not intend to encourage associates at those firms to take the actions they did. I apologize for that.

It was also probably a mistake to discuss actual resumes on the site, and mention the rejected candidates by name. Even if someone is not a good fit for my firm does not mean that there is not a firm out there that would embrace them. I apologize for speculating about what firms those might be, and discussing their hiring standards. I should not have assumed that I was qualified to discuss the hiring standards of other firms and speculate about which of my competitors would feel comfortable hiring felons and other unsavories. While I had reason to believe the information I was working with was accurate, I have since been informed that it may have been outdated. If I gave any readers the impression that there are specific firms that are not bothered by hiring sex offenders and/or other repeat offenders awaiting sentencing, those impressions may be inaccurate. It is possible that some of the firms I mentioned by name used to have more liberal hiring policies than they currently do.

If the April Fools Day post led any current law students to believe that they can be hired without graduating or taking (and passing) a U.S. bar exam, that was a misunderstanding and I did not intend to leave that impression. If any paralegals were offended by the photo illustration that accompanied the post, again, I apologize. If you are a personal acquaintance of the hiring partner mentioned in paragraph three, who I may have insinuated was cheating on his wife, please disregard that paragraph entirely. I did not realize he and his wife are currently separated. And for the readers who took issue with my discussion of clerkships, and the judges I specifically listed, I was unaware that two of those judges are currently in prison.

Normal posting will resume as planned. I hope the offending April Fools Day post did not cause any long-term repercussions.

Did you get spanked for it or what? I thought it was funny, sad that you took it off. Look forward to your next post.

Wait, so for those of us who missed the April Fool's post, it will be in your next book right?

Was the impetus for its removal in any way related to President Bush, a famous network journalist, and not verifying public sources?
Please check your sources. I think 3 of those judges are currently in prison.
Dang! I missed the post completely!
Great blog! Fooled many!
I have a question: I'm a 6th year real estate attorney practicing at a major firm in a third-tier market. I moved laterally after my 3rd year, then again a year later to end up here. I've been thinking about moving my family to California to take a job at a mid-sized firm. So my question is - how likely is it that I'll be replaced by an immigrant laborer in the next three years?
o why why why did I miss it? I will never forget to check landmark days again..
Nice use of a technique that's an oldie, but a goodie.

"The bell cannot be un-rung," as they say. Touche!

I look forward to continuing posts.
Just a note to tell you that The Times newspaper has recently asked to host my blog and so my new web address is My links list will hopefully be put up in the next few days.

Very best wishes,

I am so bummed out that I missed your post. The apology for the post was very funny, so I can only imagine how funny the original post was. Tee hee Keep up the good work. When I try to tell people what it is like working with lawyers and they don't believe me, I simply send them a link to your blog and Voila they believe.
Talk is cheap.

I'm not dismissing the suit but I do appreciate the admission against interest.
I'm so glad you took off today's post. Can you re-post the April 1st entry for the rest of us who missed it? After all that you've written, why on earth would you feel bad about offending anyone?!
An April Fools joke on April 5th isn't as clever as you think. :)
I hope this is the man who wrote "Anonymous lawyer" because it was the best book i have ever read! I am eleven years old and this book made me laugh out loud it also brought me into a whole new prospective of employment. Although, i frown uppon the continuous mention of sex, and the inappropriate sections. One of my favorite parts was when he was at the therapist and he told him he wanted to have an affair with his wife, Mrs.wife coach! I hope you write another novel!
What a depressing post! Where are your sarcasm and irony? I hope you have not billed any client for this last post. It wasn't worthy.
Anyway, I love your blog and your book. Keeps me happy with my French electronical engineer intern status.

Best wishes,

Any chance of posting it again?
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