Saturday, April 14, 2007

A reader alerted me to an article in today's New York Daily News about a lawyer who leaped to his death from an office on the 69th floor of the Empire State Building. "He was interviewing a client," said a man who works in the suite. "He just got up, opened the window and jumped."

Our clients hate when that happens. There's almost nothing they hate more, aside from the pastries not being fresh or the coffee not being hot enough. Or the temperature in the conference room not being quite right, or the lawyers wearing the wrong color ties, or the artwork on the wall not being quite the style they prefer. But besides those things, there's nothing our clients hate more than when the lawyers who are interviewing them open the window and leap out. We've taken proactive steps to limit the frequency of in-meeting suicides by bolting the windows shut and removing all sharp objects from client areas. We have designated non-client sections of the building where windows open, ropes are available, and there's a full selection of pills and anesthetics. But in front of clients we like to keep things professional, dignified, and alive.

His "left leg, [was] severed below the knee, was bare except for a gray and black argyle sock".

What a way to scare the toursit away. You buy a ticket to go observation deck, costing you an arm....and you get a free leg.

hehehe....too soon?
Lawyers crack me up, you guys are hourly workers. In i-banking/PE/hedge funds our receptionists make more than law firm associates. Anyone from a top school who goes into law for the money is an idiot. There is way more money on Wall Street and in other businesses but lawyers are basically people who can't get into these fields. Kind of like consultants. When we bring in a law firm on deals to do the grunt work I can't help but smirk at what a tiny percentage of the overall profits they take for doing virtually all of the menial work (e.g. due diligence, document recovery, tax issues, etc). A 30 year old lawyer probably cheers if he makes $500,000 for the year, a 30 year old banker would be considered a failure if that's all he made.
Wow, maybe we go into the legal field so we don't have to work with people like you, 1:18 AM.
My grandfather and father are both M&A lawyers...they say clients are the worst thing in the legal field. Hates them. They say that instead of jumping out of their high-rise, the temptation was great on a few occasions to throw the bloody client out. As for the comment of Anonymous No. 2 - There is much more in life than money...and when you are in a law firm and make partner not only are you working for yourself but you will out-earn any banker.
See, they don't tell you that at law school: no suicide during client interviews. Good to know, since we'll probably get tested on it.
What is wrong with the i-bankers/PE/hedge funds guys? Sigh... they are the same everywhere - money-obessed, and with an ax to grind against everyone and lawyers in particular... shakes head...
Our clients hate *it* when that happens.

In character, out of character, in character, out of can we tell anymore? New York, lawyer, unhappy, wants to be a screen writer... Let me guess, Matt Dillon will play you in the movie and it will go straight to DVD?
That reminds me of a famous story from Toronto, which sounds apocryphal, but isn't...a partner at a (then) major firm used to show prospective students around, and tried to impress them by running full steam at a window to show them how he would bounce off the glass.

Until one day he didn't bounce off, but broke through and fell about 30 stories.
In response to the banker above, many lawyers have worked on Wall Street and decided to join law firms because rather than the 100+ hour work weeks, they choose to have a little bit of a life outside the office. Not everyone is so money hungry, some people actually want to enjoy what they do every day. And if you do want to talk money, read Alan Derschowitz's "Letters To A Young Lawyer" and see what he says about tort lawyers who make 8 and 9 figures per year.
Question: If the meeting was not over yet, do you still bill the client for the time spent before he jumped?
definitely for more money people can join finance industry.
Hope you either get hired on a hit show or get yourself some great writing assignments while you're out there. Success!

Anonymous "2" - hope you are kidding or you really are the inspiration (butt)for this entire blog - they better set one up soon for bankers as with your types out there i can see your co-workers would need to laugh at something ...
Is it a good sign that you're taking this story light-heartedly?
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