Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm feeling a little guilty today. Not too guilty, but a little bit. It's not really my fault, but an associate died in a train mishap this afternoon. She was trying to make it back to the office with a box of documents we sent her across town to pick up, and she drove through the railroad crossing right as the bar was coming down, and got plowed down by a train. The other part of the tragedy is that one of our partners was on that train, heading down for a court date in another city, and ended up delayed for an hour while they dealt with the deceased associate and her car. So both clients are upset, and I'm feeling the brunt of it.

The reason I'm feeling guilty at all is that I was the one who told the associate to hurry back to the office. I may have yelled. I didn't tell her to get hit by a train. I may have told her to exceed the speed limit. I may have told her, when she called from a red light, that this was more important than traffic signals and that the firm would reimburse her if she got a ticket. I did not mention railroad crossings specifically, but I did tell her that if she got stuck at a drawbridge, she should just swim the documents across if it would save her time. But I didn't mention railroad crossings specifically, so I'm not feeling specifically accountable.

But, frankly, even if I had mentioned railroad crossings specifically (and, like I said, I'm almost entirely positive that I didn't, or if I did then I was probably kidding and she should have known that), it's her fault for needing to rush at all. We sent her to the document warehouse last Thursday with plenty of time. No one told her she needed to sleep a full night's sleep every other night. That was a decision she made on her own, and it cost her valuable time. Time she could have spent waiting for the train to cross, if she hadn't wasted that time earlier. Time she would have had to wait for the train to cross, if she hadn't attended to other, more "important" needs. She knew there would be a time crunch at the end. She chose to use her time in a way that ended up proving unwise.

And we're paying her husband for the hours she spent in the document warehouse, even though she never had a chance to enter them into the billing system, so how guilty can we really feel?

Pathetic. It's not even funny any more.
wow you haven't wrote in a while...
How come you don't write as much?
Write daily or every other day.
not pathetic at all..i still savour every word and humour you write in here..and am glad for every minute that i do not practise my LLB!
There's an old Woody Allen joke - two old Jewish ladies are at lunch in a retirement home in Miami. One comments how bad the food is - the other replies, "It is awful...and such small portions too". That's the way I see this blog - it's awful and the posts are too rare.
I still think the blogs (and your book) are great. It would be very understandable that any compromise in humour is a result of malicious comments people feel the need to post.

As for the joke, the punchline would indicate that it is a paradox to think something is awful and yet desire more. If you don't like reading the posts, then DON'T READ THEM!
You guys should leave Jeremy alone. If you don't enjoy the posts, then don't visit the site. The fact that you are here and felt the need to post means that his posts are compelling. I enjoy them, Jeremy. Don't listen to the meanies.
Where's the love, people? What are you writing?

I had a lovely quip along the lines that A.L should get his own good attorney after the railroad accident, but now I've been pulled back into reality by ANONYMOUS comments.

I read your book before I found out about the blog and the fact that you continue with the blog after the success of the book (and a great book too) I believe is very admirable. I like the blog. Keep it coming
I'm laughing so hard, it hurts (in a good way)...You are a genious
looks like you are feeling terribly more guilty than you are. could be worse than being guilty after all.
Hilarious as always!
How many billable hours have you wasted writing this blog..? That's plenty of red lights/closing railroad crossings you're going to have to run yourself to make up for all that wasted time...
the blog is still funny, although not as much as before. there's only so much you can milk out of one character. I don't blame you, but schticks inevitably get old. even the Simpsons can't be funny for 10 years, with their staff of writers.

time to invent a new character:)
great stuff. more, more, more ....
You come off as an arrogant ass
A SHEER pleasure to read your blogs on a computer screen at last! Excellent, just as I would have expected from you.

....Not's entirely appropriate to judge someone's personal post like this.... My God, I'm pathetic..

(LOVING the book---thrilled to find that this blogspot actually exists! I hope you keep posting as A.L...Ignore the irate passers-by who think they know everything and critisize a BLOG post. These are as great as the book is.)
sohbet odasi
you should fell guilty.Its not funny thing.
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