Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm very excited for this afternoon. We've set up our first-ever summer associate "afternoon movie break" to go see "Knocked Up." In my e-mail to the summers, I set it up as a cautionary tale of what can happen if any of them have sex. A career is too important to risk. They should neither want to be the girl who has to take a week off for maternity leave in order to give birth and interview nannies, or the guy who's going to have to start feeling pressure to leave the office before it gets too late in order to have a quick glimpse of his newborn on the way to sleep. It ruins the forward momentum. It makes them soft. And any chance we get to impart that message in a humorous way makes it more likely it'll stick. Hence, the movie trip.

So we've rented out a theater, and I had the recruiters track down an artisanal popcorn supplier from the midwest. He grows his own corn, shucks it himself, and then flavors it using only the highest-quality butter and cheddar cheese from his own dairy farm. We've flown him in, along with one of his cows, and we'll set them up in the back of the theater to provide the refreshments. I can't stand ordinary movie popcorn. It always tastes a little stale to me. I didn't want to risk it. I want this to be an event they'll remember when they're deciding whether or not to take their offers.

We also paid one of the co-stars of the movie (contractually I'm not allowed to say which one) to come and sign autographs, and do a question-and-answer session after the film. And we'll be giving out the actual placenta used in the movie to one of the lucky summer associates (it's going to whichever summer billed the most hours last week). So it's a whole big movie extravaganza. Much more memorable than merely buying tickets and having the summers sit with all the riffraff and watch the movie like a homeless person, 2:00 in the afternoon on a Tuesday, in a theater filled with unemployed drunks. We've hired a security detail to make sure no unemployed drunks get into our screening.

I'm excited to see the film. I haven't seen a movie since Bridge to Terabithia with Anonymous Son. Same reason why I showed it to the summer associates a couple of weeks ago when they started. Isn't just a movie for lawyers. I wanted to show him that even if your real life is boring, and your best friend dies, you can make up a fantasy world and live there instead.

Hmmm, when I was a summer 24 years ago, they gave me $10 to go to the movies one afternoon. But that's because an important client was coming to the firm and the partners didn't want to take any risks.
Movies, hell, when I was a summer 17 years ago, we went to a strip joint for the local radio station's breakfast show (WDVE rocks). We brought along the summer who was 6 months pregnant.
love your blog. Love your book. LOVE. Keep up the good work!
You're approach is all wrong. The summer internship should be the 'demo', where they get to work reasonable hours, on projects that have social worth (e.g. worker's rights, environmental issues), and they feel they've found an opportunity that offers an entirely different professional experience.

Then once they plunk down the money (sign on the dotted line) for the full version, they see the real way.

I was a cooperative education student and I changed majors and ultimately careers as a result.
You said placenta. Out loud.
OK- this blog is starting to really suck
maybe in your next post - you should write out of character and respond to people who've written about who much this blog is drying up. if this character is hitting the end of the road, that is fine. just let your audience know.
Take them all to see a Star Trek movie or something really awful. Then they can read a stupid website like StarTrekLessons.blogspot.com all about life's lessons from Star Trek.
Hi, my name is so and so and I LOVED your book Anonymous Lawyer. It's motivated me to start my own blog. Keep up the fantastic work!

P.S. The hiring partner in the book reminded me of Ari Gold in Entourage if you watch that show.
Adored your blog, which I haven't read for ages. But since you spammed my email with a suggestion to buy your book, I did just that... ;) I wonder how it'd sell if translated in Finnish?
Thank you for being such a sarcatic writer that you're still able to suprise me.
A-mazing. :o)
.....I dropped outta law school. No, it wasn't your blog. really:)
but I really wish we could find your book at stores here in India.
you have just made me more determined to become a lawyer and pass my exams :)
Wait . . . the best friend dies in Terabithia? Well at least I won't have to go see that now.
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