Friday, March 19, 2004

One of the recruiting coordinators just asked me if I'd be able head up to one of our target schools for a 1L recruiting reception next week. Most of my colleagues hate the receptions, even though it means a night off from work and a free meal. There's travel, and you have to put on a smiley face, and I guess it's a pain, but I kind of enjoy it every once in a while. The difference is that I take names. If I meet a kid and I think he's a jerk, just from the thirty second conversation where he tries to impress me with how much of our website he memorized, or how many of our clients he can toss into a sentence, I jot his name into my Palm Pilot and he doesn't get an offer. But it works in the reverse too. If you give off the right vibe; if, for whatever reason, I just like you, I'm not saying you're going to get an offer, but I'll jot your name down and come resume-scanning time you might get another look. Or maybe you get me for an interviewer and you have a little edge going in. Not going to make a ton of difference but maybe it helps. Cancels out the B+ in Torts. Well, probably not. If you couldn't manage an A in Torts, I don't know if I really have any use for you.

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