Friday, April 02, 2004

Someone must have hacked into my computer while I was home sick with anthrax poisoning the last day and a half. That's what happens when you're a bigshot lawyer like me -- everyone's after you. I defend a couple of manufacturers of biological weapons... we lose... and look what happens. Most people take a week off for a cold; I get anthrax poisoning and I'm back in a day and a half. Okay, it wasn't really anthrax. It was just a couple of days of settlement negotiation. Out of the office, couldn't post, and can't really go into any more detail. But I come back to check the weblog and find that someone's posted a long explanation for this site claiming that I'm not real. Hogwash. Probably the same guy who stole my stapler. But I'm back now. No more of that stuff.

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