Monday, April 12, 2004

While I wait for my associates to finish the mindless tasks I assign them, I occasionally check my weblog counter statistics at the office. It seems that a message board of some sort has written about my most recent post. They have one thread I noticed about interview suits and law firm clothing. I know it may be different in New York, but around here it's pretty hard to dress inappropriately. Assistants and paralegals do it occasionally -- tank tops, leather pants -- and that applies to men and women both -- but I very, very rarely notice what anyone is wearing. Once when I was an associate a partner asked me if I'd been here all night, since he'd noticed I was wearing the same clothes. Ever since then, I've made it a habit to keep an extra shirt and pants in the office just in case -- but I'm pretty sure someone could wear the same thing for a week, and as long as it was clean, I'd guess very few people would notice. I suppose that especially garish ties stick in my head, particularly one awful tie a partner here has with pictures of naked babies on it. He wore it to court once. He's not my favorite partner.

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