Friday, April 16, 2004

Why can't we figure out how to keep the Internet up??? I got into work about a half hour ago -- I'm trying to get out early today -- I'm thinking noon -- and play a round of golf, since I didn't get to on Wednesday and it's pretty much the only thing that keeps me from hurling myself out the window at the end of the week... and I get in and the Internet's down. Just came back up. This happens every so often. Usually right in the middle of a critical e-mail to a client or a Word doc I haven't saved in a while. It'll go down for two, three hours -- no warning, no apologies, eventually some random note on the refrigerator saying there were some "unavoidable technical issues this morning." Yeah, they'd be avoidable if we had competent tech support people. I don't know where the Internet comes from, how any of this works, but I don't understand why it keeps going down. I'm sure we pay them enough that this shouldn't be happening. And like you learn as a lawyer, money is the answer to everything. I'm gonna grab a cup of coffee, sit down with this stack of construction contracts that have been living on my desk for a week, and do some early morning reading. Then a quick call to the client to let him know I'm up to speed, give him some strategy, and off to the golf course. I caught the end of The Apprentice last night, where Donald Trump offered the guy who won a choice of whether to help him build a building in Chicago or build what looks like an amazing new golf course here in LA. And he chose Chicago. Why anyone would choose Chicago over LA is preposterous. And I can't wait for the new golf course. I wish Donald Trump would come by and say "you're fired" to our tech support staff. And a whole bunch of other people while he's at it.

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