Wednesday, September 29, 2004

First question from this morning's post:

"How do you feel about hiring a student who intends to do public-interest work in the long-term?"

Look, everyone "intends" to do public interest work in the long term. Hardly anyone ends up actually doing it, not after they get used to the law firm salary and lifestyle anyway. If we had any second-thoughts about hiring people who seemed like they weren't going to be here for the long haul, we wouldn't have anyone left to hire. We know everyone comes here thinking they'll do it for a couple of years, pay back their loans, and then go on to do more soul-enriching things. No one wants to be a partner anymore, not like we used to see, but we accept that. And in a lot of ways it makes it easier for us, because we feel less guilty working associates to death when we know they're just taking advantage of us for the money than if we really thought they were emotionally invested in the firm and wanted to make a career of it. So it works out for both sides. You get to pretend you're going to do public interest work one day, and we get to work you hard enough that you forget the person you used to be anyway.

I asked this before, but how favorably would you look upon three years of public accounting experience with a big four accounting firm? or how about a year of public accounting experience and a couple years of experience with a well-known consulting firm? Also, do you place any value on the CPA if I were seeking to go into corporate law?

Thanks, AL.
AL- Sort of a capitalist reversal on the Soviet saw of "they pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work."

10:03- I hate you, so shut up. He didn't answer your previous question, and everyone else is sick of you spamming the forum. Yes, this is senseless, naked aggression on an anonymous bulletin board. Don't think that makes it any less of a personal rejection of you and your abilities. Yes, it would probably be "more healthy" to direct my "negative energy" elsewhere. Fuck healthy, I want nasty AL bulletin board messages. That's what this place is for. No, I don't think I need "anger management." I'm managing my anger in the way that's best for me: being nasty to some poor bastard I don't know. Don't you dare take that away from me.
Calm down. Or put a bullet in your head. Either or.
Not both?
Public Interest law is for poor lawyers and hippies. Want to change the system? Write your Congressman.
I just love the law students' earnest, soul-searching requests for career advice on this site! Good Lord, people, if you need advice on your budding legal career, why are you looking for it from someone who is engaging in satire? It's the equivalent of watching "The Office" on BBC, then sending your resume to David Brent at Wernham Hogg.

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